Summer Salute 2017 Photo Gallery

Summer Salute 2017 is now behind us.  We want you all to know just how thankful we are for the generosity of our sponsors, our show participants, and our club members for bringing Summer Salute to an even greater level of success than years prior.  Summer Salute keeps growing thanks to all of you, and this means that our support of United States Military Veterans increases as well!  Thank you all!

Trophy Production

The Summit Racing Team including Manager James Herr.  Thank you to all at Summit Racing for your support!

Our Summer Salute trophies come from a very long and tedious process over several months.  From collecting car parts to gathering thousands of nuts and bolts, and then sending it all to the powder coating shop, to engraving, polishing, and making that final debut, dozens of people and generous businesses make it all happen so that the best of the best can take home one of these fabulous awards.

R&E Fasteners of Reno Manager Shawn Downs and Owner Jim Riley stand in front of their outstanding staff.  R&E provided nuts, bolts, screws, and any other fastener device necessary for trophy production.

Thanks to owners of The Powder Man, Julian and Janet Garate, and their wonderful staff shown here, Summer Salute trophies received exceptional powder coating.




The benefits of Summer Salute could not be possible without our wonderful sponsors.  Please support them and visit our sponsor page here.